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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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Torthaí beachta Exact matches
Torthaí gaolmhara Related matches
a thickened band of extremely vascular tissue that lies at the upper border of the wall of the hoof of the horse and related animals and that plays an important part in the secretion of the horny walls
GApraghasfháinne fir4
gu praghasfháinne, iol praghasfháinní
group of traders who cooperate, usually illegally, to fix the price of the goods that they sell in order to prevent competition
ENring s
GAfáinne fir4
gu fáinne
a network topology with the cable configuration in the form of a circle
leagan amach líonra agus cumraíocht na gcáblaí i bhfoirm chiorcail