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The National Terminology Database for Irish
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advanced vehicle safety system that helps prevent collisions by sending the driver an acoustic or visual signal to warn of the presence of standing or slow-moving obstacles in the car's path, and which also acts on the car's brakes when necessary
GAtrasbhealach fir1
gu trasbhealaigh, iol trasbhealaí
trasrian fir1
gu trasriain, iol trasrianta
crosaire fir4
gu crosaire, iol crosairí
Caution - Children Crossing
Aire - Leanaí ag Trasnú
Faire- Leanaí ag Gabháil Trasna
Extreme Caution: Children Crossing
Fainic: Leanaí ag Gabháil Trasna
implementation of existing systems for detecting driver impairment caused by drowsiness, illness, or drug abuse, and then warning the driver or performing an emergency control function that will stop the vehicle
driving behaviour associated with a large number of rear-end crashes and also with some other types of crashes - and rear-end collisions
user sub-service which supports the dynamic presentation of warning information to drivers and may be generated in response to roadway weather conditions, road surface conditions, traffic conditions, obstacles or animals in the roadway, and any other transient events that can be sense, or that recognise the limitations of a given vehicle for the geometry of the roadway, (e.g. rollover risk for tall vehicles)
route selection function which is performed during the drive in order to provide the driver with a mechanism for recovering once he has left or wandered from the intended route
ENexit a
(from a roundabout, road, etc.)
(ó thimpeallán, ó bhóthar, srl.)
The 5th exit from the motorway
An cúigiú bealach amach ón mótarbhealach
An cúigiú slí amach ón mótarbhealach
Exit to Eccles Street
Slí amach go Sráid Eccles
Exit to North Circular Road
Slí amach go dtí an Cuarbhóthar Thuaidh
No Exit
Níl Slí Amach Anseo
Main Exit
Príomhbhealach Amach
GAcosán fir1
gu cosáin, ai cosáin, gi cosán
Pedestrian Footpath Closed
Cosán Dúnta
Footpaths are for pedestrians only
Is do choisithe amháin na cosáin
No blocking of footpath
Fág saor an cosán
If the structure infringes substantially on the footpath
Má tá an struchtúr ag cur isteach go mór ar an gcosán
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