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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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The téarma.ie project

This is the national terminology database for Irish, managed by the Gaois research group in Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge (DCU) in partnership with the Terminology Committee, Foras na Gaeilge.

Around 186,000 bilingual entries are available in the database. They can be queried in various ways, and the material can also be downloaded in TBX or TXT format. Information on using the website is available here. If you don’t find the term you are looking for, you can use the query form to ask the Terminology Committee, Foras na Gaeilge, for advice.

The project has been running since 2004. Phase VII is currently underway. A new website and editorial system were launched on 14 March 2019. The system is based on Terminologue, an open-source platform developed by Gaois for the National Terminology Database and as a resource for other projects. You can find out more about Terminologue here.

Publications about terminology by Gaois can be found here. If you wish to keep up with terminology and other new developments, you can sign up for the Gaois newsletter (in Irish), read the Gaois blog (in Irish), or get the Term of the Day on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The story of the project is told here.