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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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ENlife s
(period of existence; circumstances, length, of existence)
GAsaol fir1
gu saoil, iol saolta
All life is transitory.
Níl sa saol ach seal.
live out their lives
caitheann siad a saol
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interactive tool developed by the OECD that allows people to compare countries’ levels of well-being based on 11 dimensions of well-being
stair bain2 aonáin
gu staire aonáin
Computers, Computer Science A diagrammatic technique for showing the effect of events on an entity. The diagram portrays all the possible events that will affect any occurrence of the entity, from creation to deletion, with all the possible updates. The sequence in which these may happen models the business rules governing the entity. The notation is that of the structure diagram.
Ríomhairí, Ríomheolaíocht Teicníc chun an éifeacht a bhíonn ag teagmhais ar aonán a léiriú i léaráid. Taispeánann an léaráid na teagmhais go léir a d'fhéadfadh dul i bhfeidhm ar aon tarlú den aonán, óna chruthú go dtína scrios, chomh maith leis na nuashonruithe féideartha go léir. Bíonn an seicheamh ina dtarlaíonn siad seo ina shamhail de na rialacha gnó a rialaíonn an t-aonán. Is ionann an nodaireacht agus nodaireacht na léaráide den struchtúr.
Business » Enterprise & Development 1. A sociological concept that describes changes in families across time. Emphasis is placed on the effects of marriage, divorce, births, and deaths on families and the changes in income and consumption through various family stages. 2. Families account for a very large percentage of all consumer expenditures. Much of this spending is systematic and stems from natural needs that change as a family unit goes through its natural stages of life. These range from the young single and the newly married stages to the full nest as the children are born and grow, to the empty nest and the final solitary survivor stage. Each transition prompts changes in values and behaviour.
Go for Life is the national programme for sport and physical activity for older people. The aim of Go for Life is to involve more older adults in all aspects of sport and physical activity more often. The thrust of the programme is to empower and enable older people by reaching out to active retirement associations, senior citizens groups, day care and community centres around the country, to ensure that more older people are more active, more often. Go for Life is an Age & Opportunity initiative funded by the Irish Sports Council. The Go for Life team at Age and Opportunity administers the Go for Life programme, working in partnership with the Health Service Executive, each area of which has a Go for Life coordinator, and the Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs). There are many different elements to the Go for Life programme.