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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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anti-condensation heater where the heating capacity depends on either the ambient temperature or the ambient humidity or both
Warning – Anti Climb Paint.
Rabhadh – Péint Frithdhreaptha.
militia groups formed in the Central African Republic
grúpaí míleata i bPoblacht na hAfraice Láir
GAfrith-bhunchuarc fir1
gu frith-bhunchuairc, ai frith-bhunchuairc, ai frith-bhunchuarc
GAFrith-Bhreatimeachtóir fir3
gu Frith-Bhreatimeachtóra, iol Frith-Bhreatimeachtóirí
ENanti-cancer medicine s
pl anti-cancer medicines
GAcógas fir1 frithailse
ai cógais fhrithailse
GAfrith-bhriochtchuarc fir1
gu frith-bhriochtchuairc, ai frith-bhriochtchuairc, gi frith-bhriochtchuarc
GAfrithbhuaic bain2
gu frithbhuaice, iol frithbhuaiceanna
frithdhígeann fir1
gu frithdhíginn, ai frithdhíginn, gi frithdhígeann
advanced vehicle safety system that helps prevent collisions by sending the driver an acoustic or visual signal to warn of the presence of standing or slow-moving obstacles in the car's path, and which also acts on the car's brakes when necessary
GAfritrithíoch fir1
gu fritrithígh, ai fritrithígh, gi fritrithíoch
frith-bhaoth-thonnán fir1 in úsáid/in use
gu frith-bhaoth-thonnáin, ai frith-bhaoth-thonnáin, gi frith-bhaoth-thonnán
GAfrithdhíorthach fir1
gu frithdhíorthaigh, ai frithdhíorthaigh, gi frithdhíorthach
GAfrith-íoschuarc fir1
gu frith-íoschuairc, ai frith-íoschuairc, gi frith-íoschuarc
If a company exports a product at a price lower than the price it normally charges on its own home market, it is said to be “dumping” the product.
GAfrithurlacach fir1
gu frithurlacaigh, ai frithurlacaigh, gi frithurlacach
ENanti-foaming agent s
pl anti-foaming agents
GAoibreán fir1 frithchúrtha
ai oibreáin frithchúrtha
GAfrithscreabhán fir1
gu frithscreabháin, ai frithscreabháin, gi frithscreabhán
ENanti-inflationary measure s
pl anti-inflationary measures
GAbeart fir1 frithbhoilscithe
ai bearta frithbhoilscithe
GAfrithghiniúnaíochas fir1
gu frithghiniúnaíochais
position of opposition to fertility
seasamh atá i gcoinne na clannmhaireachta
GAfrithghiniúnaíoch fir1
gu frithghiniúnaígh, ai frithghiniúnaígh, gi frithghiniúnaíoch
GAfrithneodrón fir1
gu frithneodróin, ai frithneodróin, gi frithneodrón