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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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bíogaíl bain3 dímholta/superseded
gu bíogaíola
gíoglach bain2 dímholta/superseded
gu gíoglaí
míogaíl bain3 dímholta/superseded
gu míogaíola
cíocáil bain3 dímholta/superseded
gu cíocála
bíogarnach bain2 dímholta/superseded
gu bíogarnaí
píopaireacht bain3 dímholta/superseded
gu píopaireachta
bíogadh fir dímholta/superseded
gu bíogtha
EAVI is an independent, not-for-profit International association registered in Belgium. Its primary aim is to represent and advance the interests of the European television viewers. EAVI has been created in 2004 by a consortium of media experts with the financial contribution of the European Commission.
GAanailís bain2 íogaireachta
gu anailíse íogaireachta, ai anailísí íogaireachta
Airgeadas Teicníc chun neamhchinnteacht a mheas; is amhlaidh a ionchuirtear féidearthachtaí éagsúla chun torthaí féideartha a chinntiú.
Finance Technique for assessing the degree of uncertainty whereby various possibilities are input to determine possible outcomes.
system that enables the emergency services to locate directly the caller in distress with an accuracy level within 50 metres
» 1 2 3 · · · · 14 15