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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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GAuathghíreán fir1
gu uathghíreín, ai uathghíreín, gi uathghíreán
The angle that the lateral body axis of an aircraft or similar body makes with a chosen reference plane in rolling; usually, the angle between the lateral axis and a horizontal plane. The angle of roll is considered positive if the roll is to starboard.
The angle between the direction of the undisturbed relative airflow and the plane of symmetry.
A large tank into which models are freely launched for observation of their behaviour when landing on water.
rail wagon designed for the transport of containers stacked on top of each other
Rail wagon with a demountable subframe, fitted with devices for vertical handling, to allow the loading and unloading of semi-trailers or road vehicles.
GAveain bain4 ardaithe
ai veaineanna ardaithe
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