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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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GAtachtadh fir
gu tachta
A condition which arises in the flow through a duct as the mean speed approaches the sonic value in which,at a given upstream pressure,a decrease in the downstream pressure produces no increase in the rate of mass flow.
(of parachute)
GAcleibhí fir4
gu cleibhí, iol cleibhithe
(protective coating)
GAcocúnú fir
gu cocúnaithe
(cumhdach cosanta)
Mean blade pitch over one rotor revolution; the constant component of the blade angle.
GAcomh-rótarárthach fir1
gu comh-rótaráthaigh, iol comh-rótarárthaí
A special rating for power or thrust usable in emergency for particular classes of aircraft or conditions of flight.
A method of steering a parachute in a specific direction,initiated by pulling down on the suspension lines.
GAcomhghaolú fir
gu comhghaolaithe
In air defence,the determination that an aircraft appearing on a radarscope,on a plotting board,or visually is the same as that on which information is being received from another source.
(supersonic jet)
GAcnagarnach bain2
gu cnagarnaí
(scaird fhorthonach)
ENcrash v
(of aeroplane)
GAtuairteáil br
abr tuairteáil, aidbhr tuairteáilte
Groundcrew which performs rescue work and fights fires in crashes.
a crewmember who is assigned to fly as a passenger on a specific flight (not working it) so they can get to another city to work where they will pick up their assigned trip sequence
GAgeata fir4 imeachta
ai geataí imeachta
Departure Gates
Geataí Imeachta
A kite balloon fitted with rubber cords or other device to control its shape when not full of gas.
A large tank into which models are freely launched for observation of their behaviour when landing on water.
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