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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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GAtréith bain2
gu tréithe, iol tréithe
airí fir4
gu airí, iol airíonna
saintréith bain2
gu saintréithe, iol saintréithe
cáilíocht bain3
gu cáilíochta, iol cáilíochtaí
Tá cuid mhaith de na tréithe céanna iontu a bhaineann leis an gcéad díolaim dá ghearrscéalta.
They have many of the same characteristics as his first collection of short stories.
más dealraitheach gur chóir go gcuirfí comhlachas den sórt sin i mbaint le coistí eile a bhfuil airíonna comhchosúla ag roinnt leo
if it appears that such an association should be extended to other committees which present similar characteristics
GAtréith bain2
gu tréithe, iol tréithe
ENtrait s
Risk characterisation' is the estimation of the incidence and severity of the adverse effects likely to occur in a human population or environmental compartment due to actual or predicted exposure to a substance, and may include 'risk estimation', i.e., the quantification of that likelihood
GAtríotanóipe bain4
gu tríotanóipe
dichromatism in which the spectrum is seen in tones of red and green called also blue-yellow blindness
GAtríotanóp fir1
gu tríotanóip, ai tríotanóip, gi tríotanóp
one affected with tritanopia
The details of how patients will report suspected ADRs are not yet clear; pilot schemes will be run to determine the best system. A logical step forward would be to initiate a regional pilot of direct patient reporting; this has already proved a successful way to evaluate different surveillance schemes for paediatric ADRs.7
iontógáil bhreise carbaihiodráití roimh imeacht spóirt
larger intake of carbohydrates before a sports event
GAuisce fir4
gu uisce, iol uiscí
ENwater s
Ar phléasc do chuid uisce go fóill?
Have your waters broken yet?
linnte d'uisce reatha nó marbh de bhunús saorga
moving or stagnant water bodies, artificial in origin
Aire - Uisce An-Te
Caution – Hot Water
Dainséar – Uisce Domhain
Danger – Deep Water
Ná fliuch
Coinnigh glan ar an uisce
Keep out of water
GAvacsaíniú fir
gu vacsaínithe, iol vacsaínithe
GAvápáil br
abr vápáil, aidbhr vápáilte
ENvape v
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