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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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GAcúitigh br
abr cúiteamh, aidbhr cúitithe
GAsnua fir4
gu snua, iol snuanna
GAcomhairle bain4
gu comhairle, iol comhairlí
GAfrithghiniúnach fir1
gu frithghiniúnaigh, ai frithghiniúnaigh, gi frithghiniúnach
(illness, disease)
GAtolg br
abr tolgadh, aidbhr tolgtha
(tinneas, galar)
ENcrash a
(sudden, intensive)
GAgibneoireacht bain3
gu gibneoireachta
Form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin, using a cup or jar and often a flame.
Teicníocht choitianta i míochaine oirthearach is iartharach, ina gcruthaítear folús taobh istigh de phróca nó cupán (an ghibne), le lasair go minic, agus a gcuirtear béal na gibne ar chraiceann an duine atá le cóireáil (Hussey, M., Fréamh an Eolais, Coiscéim, Baile Átha Cliath, 2011.)
tending to cure or restore to health
GAcíotaraibín fir4
gu cíotaraibín, iol cíotaraibíní
GAéalangach fir1
gu éalangaigh, ai éalangaigh, gi éalangach
GAspleáchas fir1
gu spleáchais, ai spleáchais, gi spleáchas
cleithiúnas fir1
gu cleithiúnais, ai cleithiúnais, gi cleithiúnas
GAdeotranóp fir1
gu deotranóip, ai deotranóip, gi deotranóp
an individual affected with deuteranopia
GAdeotranóipe bain4
gu deotranóipe
red-green blindness believed due to a defect in the optic nerve that interferes with normal transmission of red and green sensations and marked by confusion of purplish red and green compare PROTANOPIA
ENdiet s
(prescribed course, allowance)
to put someone on a diet
duine a chur ar aiste bia
condition characterised by a decrease in the hair density all over the scalp
GAleath br
abr leathadh, aidbhr leata
GAleathadh fir
gu leata, iol leataí
The details of how patients will report suspected ADRs are not yet clear; pilot schemes will be run to determine the best system. A logical step forward would be to initiate a regional pilot of direct patient reporting; this has already proved a successful way to evaluate different surveillance schemes for paediatric ADRs.7
GAmíchumas fir1
gu míchumais
disabled parking bays
do thiománaithe faoi mhíchumas
You must not park in parking spaces reserved for people with a disability
Ná páirceáil i spásanna atá in áirithe do thiománaithe faoi mhíchumas
GAclaonadh fir
gu claonta
ENdrain v
GAdraenáil br
láith draeálann, abr draenáil, aidbhr draenáilte
classification of hospital patients according to principal and secondary diagnoses, age and sex, the presence of co-morbidities and complications and the procedures performed, which is used by insurance carriers to set reimbursement scales based on the premise that treatment of similar medical diagnoses generates similar costs
hospital payment mechanism based on an exhaustive patient case classification system (i.e. the system of diagnosis-related groupings1) and a payment formula specific to each group, without regard to the actual cost of care or duration of hospitalisation for any individual case1 DRG [ IATE:1294284 ]
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