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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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test cycle consisting of eight speed and load modes (with the respective weighing factor for each mode) which cover the typical operating range of variable speed engines or of five load modes (with the respective weighing factor for each mode) all at rated speed which cover the typical operating range of constant speed engines
Rathcormack Services Extension, involves the extension of water, drainage & sewerage services for the village, and also incorporated in the project in the installation of a new Wastewater Treatment plant for the village. The Serviced land Initiative was introduced nationally in late 1997 as a measure to tackle pressures on housing supply by increasing the availability of serviced residential land. Under the Initiative water and sewerage facilities are provided to service zoned residential lands to allow them to be opened up for housing development.
GAtormán fir1
gu tormáin, ai tormáin, gi tormán
ENboom s
Risk characterisation' is the estimation of the incidence and severity of the adverse effects likely to occur in a human population or environmental compartment due to actual or predicted exposure to a substance, and may include 'risk estimation', i.e., the quantification of that likelihood
GAtreoir bain5
gu treorach, iol treoracha
Ríomhairí, Ríomheolaíocht Ráiteas ríomhchlárúcháin nach soláthraíonn faisnéis ach le linn aistriúcháin (e.g. sannadh forimeallach nó úsáid fógraí).
Computers, Computer Science A programming language statement that provides information used only during translation (e.g. the assignment of peripherals or the use of declarations).
GAtruailleán fir1
gu truailleáin, ai truailleáin, gi truailleán
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