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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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(in pipes)
GAcalcadh fir3
gu calctha, iol calcthaí
mercury removal technique from the flue-gases of waste incinerators consisting in injecting of an aqueous bromide solution, such as CaBr2 , into the furnace or in adding it to the waste to enhance the oxidisation of mercury during the passage of the flue-gas through the boiler, thereby promoting the transformation of the insoluble elemental gaseous mercury into water-soluble and adsorbable HgBr2
ENboom s
GAtormán fir1
gu tormáin, ai tormáin, gi tormán
Bord Gáis Networks constructs and extends the natural gas network in Ireland to the highest safety standards.
recycling facility similar to a recycling centre but which serves a smaller community and accepts fewer waste streams, being staffed and having designated opening hours, and usually accepts plastics, papers & cardboards, textiles and glass
(road, around town)
GAseachbhóthar fir1
gu seachbhóthair, iol seachbhóithre
seachbhealach fir1
gu seachbhealaigh, iol seachbhealaí
seachród fir1
gu seachróid, ai seachróid, gi seachród
ENCFC abbr
pl CFCs
chlorofluorocarbon s
pl chlorofluorocarbons
GACFC gior
ai CFCanna
clórafluaracarbón fir1
gu clórafluaracarbóin, ai clórafluaracarbóin, gi clórafluaracarbón
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