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An Bunachar Náisiúnta Téarmaíochta don Ghaeilge
The National Terminology Database for Irish
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GAúrapód fir1
gu úrapóid, ai úrapóid, gi úrapód
GAurrann bain2
gu urrainne
(of heart)
"Contained use" means any operation, undertaken within a facility, installation or other physical structure, which involves living modified organisms that are controlled by specific measures that effectively limit their contact with, and their impact on, the external environment
GAúsc br
abr úscadh, aidbhr úsctha
(juices, etc.)
GAúscadh fir
gu úsctha, gu úscthaí, gi úscthaí
(of juices, etc.)
GAúspór fir1
gu úspóir, ai úspóir, gi úspór
GAvailín fir4
gu vailín, iol vailíní
GAveirteabra bain4
gu veirteabra, iol veirteabraí
GAveirteabrach a1
gu veirteabraigh, ai veirteabraigh, gi veirteabrach
GAveirteabrach fir1
gu veirteabraigh, ai veirteabraigh, gi veirteabrach
GAvibreas fir1
gu vibris, ai vibris, gi vibreas
GAvilleas fir1
gu villis, ai villis, gi villeas
GAvíoróideach fir1
gu víoróidigh, ai víoróidigh, gi víoróideach
GAvíreas fir1 beag cruinnstruchtúrtha
ai víris bheaga chruinnstruchtúrtha
ENsmall round-structured virus s
pl small round-structured viruses
GAvitilin bain2
gu vitiline, iol vitiliní
GAvól fir1
gu vóil, ai vóil, gi vól
ENvole s
GAvótar fir1
gu vótair, ai vótair, gi vótar
ENvotar s
1 a Britain : a fine grade of oak imported for woodwork b (1) : a wooden lining of an interior wall usually paneled (2) : a lining of an interior wall irrespective of material *a tile wainscot* c : the lower three or four feet of an interior wall when finished differently from the remainder of the wall (as with wood panels, tile, or marble slabs) 2 : any of various European and American noctuid moths belonging to the genera Leucania and Cirphis that are reddish or yellowish and are streaked or lined with black and white and that in the larval stage are army worms.
GAX-chrómasóm fir1
gu X-chrómasóim, ai X-chrómasóim, gi X-chrómasóm
GAY-chrómasóm fir1
gu Y-chrómasóim, ai Y-chrómasóim, gi Y-chrómasóm
GAzócór fir1
gu zócóir, ai zócóir, gi zócór
GAzócsainteille fir4
gu zócsainteille, iol zócsainteillí
ENzooxanthella s
pl zooxanthellum
GAzóideach fir1
gu zóidigh, ai zóidigh, gi zóideach
ENzooid s
GAzóspór fir1
gu zóspóir, ai zóspóir, iol zóspór
GAzóspóragán fir1
gu zóspóragáin, ai zóspóragáin, gi zóspóragán
GAα-héilics fir4
gu α-héilics, iol α-héilicseanna
# alfa-héilics · alpha-helix
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