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How to use alphabetical lists

This is a way of presenting terms in the form of alphabetical lists, such as you would find in a printed dictionary. There are two kinds of list available:

  • By domain: all of the terms in a certain subject area can be shown in a single list, for example biology terms or sports terms.
  • By collection: all of the terms published in a particular dictionary or glossary can be listed, or terms in dictionaries which are being edited prior to publishing.

You must also select a language.

Initial letters

Some of these lists are quite short and others are very long. In the case of long lists, the initial letters A – Z are shown at the top of the page and you can limit the list to terms which start with a particular letter.

Accented letters are included under each letter. For example, if you click the letter A, you will find terms which start with Á, À, Ä etc., as well as with A.

Beside the initial letters A – Z is the symbol #. It represents terms which start with a number or with some symbol which is not a letter of the roman alphabet.

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