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How to use alphabetical lists

This is a way of presenting terms in the form of alphabetical lists, such as you would find in a printed dictionary. There are two kinds of list available:

  • By domain: all of the terms in a certain subject area can be shown in a single list, for example biology terms or sports terms.
  • By collection: all of the terms published in a particular dictionary or glossary can be listed, or terms in dictionaries which are being edited prior to publishing.

You must also select a language.

Initial letters

Some of these lists are quite short and others are very long. In the case of long lists, the initial letters A – Z are shown at the top of the page and you can limit the list to terms which start with a particular letter.

Accented letters are included under each letter. For example, if you click the letter A, you will find terms which start with Á, À, Ä etc., as well as with A.

Beside the initial letters A – Z is the symbol #. It represents terms which start with a number or with some symbol which is not a letter of the roman alphabet.

Alphabetical order

There are many terms in the database, both in English and Irish, which start with the article (the, an). At present, these are listed according to the first letter of the term, whether that is an article or a term-word – for example An Rúis is listed under A rather than R. A facility is being developed, however, to list these terms in their proper order, for example to list an Rúis a Rúis, an. This facility will soon be available on the website.

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