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Unit 7: Noun gender

There are two genders in Irish, masculine (firinscneach) and feminine (baininscneach). Nouns that are neutral in English, are either masculine or feminine in Irish.

There are five declensions (díochlaontaí) in Irish, and apart from some rare exceptions, every noun belongs to one of these declensions. In general nouns in the database are in their nominative singular form. Exceptions include nouns that are used only in their plural form or nouns that make sense only in the plural form, for example clothes, parallel lines, éadaí, línte comhthreomhara.

How to read the gender of a noun

AbbreviationIrish nameEnglish name
bainainmfhocal baininscneachfeminine noun
bain2ainmfhocal baininscneach den dara díochlaonadhfeminine noun of the second declension
bain3ainmfhocal baininscneach den tríú díochlaonadhfeminine noun of the third declension
bain4ainmfhocal baininscneach den cheathrú díochlaonadhfeminine noun of the fourth declension
bain5ainmfhocal baininscneach den chúigiú díochlaonadhfeminine noun of the fifth declension
bain iolainmfhocal baininscneach iolrafeminine noun plural
firainmfhocal firinscneachmasculine noun
fir1ainmfhocal firinscneach den chéad díochlaonadhmasculine noun of the first declension
fir2ainmfhocal firinscneach den dara díochlaonadhmasculine noun of the second declension
fir3ainmfhocal firinscneach den tríú díochlaonadhmasculine noun of the third declension
fir4ainmfhocal firinscneach den cheathrú díochlaonadhmasculine noun of the fourth declension
fir5ainmfhocal firinscneach den chúigiú díochlaonadhmasculine noun of the fifth declension
fir iolainmfhocal firinscneach iolramasculine noun plural
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