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Unit 6: Grammatical annotations

Grammatical notation is given with many terms. A grammatical note is an abbreviation which shows what part of speech a word is, for example a noun or an adjective. Additional information is sometimes given in a grammatical note, for example the original language derivation of the word, (if it is a foreign word) or information about the inflection of the word (for example if it is in a plural form).

Non-alphabetical symbols are used in grammatical notation also. The symbol ¶ means the word is a proper noun (for example a place-name or a person’s name), ™ means a trade mark and ® means a registered trade mark.

In the case of multi-word terms, the grammatical notation refers to part of the term rather than to the whole term. For example, in the case of feirmeoireacht bain3 mhonarchan, the note bain3 refers only to the word feirmeoireacht. When you place the cursor over the grammatical note, the word referred to by the note is highlighted (this does not work in all browsers). This is also the case with English terms: although the grammatical note often appears at the end of the term (for example factory farming s), it refers only to the last word (farming), which is clear when the word is highlighted as the cursor is placed over the grammatical note.

Click here for a complete list of abbreviations.

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