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Unit 2: Searching for inflected words

Terms should be searched for in their basic, uninflected form, for example, nouns in the singular and verbs in the imperative. However sometimes the dictionary can resolve inflected forms.

If you write in an inflected English word, for example appealed, the system will recognise that this is a form of the verb to appeal and will offer you the correct word in a box underneath the search box. This facility works with most English verbs and nouns which have regular inflections.

Similarly, if you enter an inflected form of an Irish word, for example cosantóra, the search engine will offer you the term cosantóir instead.

There is information in the database about the inflected forms of terms and it uses this information to find related terms in every search. For example, if you search for the term monarcha, under Related Terms will be listed every term which contains the word monarcha, or any of its inflected forms (monarchan, monarchana), with or without lenition (séimhiú): limistéar monarchana, feirmeoireacht mhonarchan, and so on.

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