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Unit 10: Metadata

Remember to take advantage of all the metadata that the database provides.


A domain is mentioned with most of the terms in the database. It consists of a label which explains in what general area of life a term is used: biology, politics, engineering, and so on. By using Advanced Search, you can limit your search to a particular subject area if you like. That is, you can ask for a list which only includes terms with a certain subject-area label. For example, if you search for every English term starting with meta, you will find almost 200 terms. If that is too many, you can ask for a subset of those by adding a domain to the search, for example Philosophy – which results in about 10 terms.

Some areas are hierarchical. For example, we have Sports and Sports > Diving. If you select Sports as a search area, you will find terms which come under Diving as well.


A collection may often be mentioned with an entry also. A collection is a dictionary or a glossary in which the entry was published (in the case of dictionaries already published) or is about to be published (in the case of dictionaries which are still at the editing stage). You may also confine your search to a single collection using Advanced Search.

Definitions, usage examples and context notes

Remember to take advantage of definitions and usage examples, in Irish and in English, that are sometimes provided with terms. Entries, immediately after the term and in brackets, can help the user to make a distinction between different meanings of the same term.

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